Repast Documentation

This page provides links to current Repast documentation, as well as links to other books and papers about Repast that you may find helpful.

Because Repast users have a variety of needs, Repast comes in two editions: ‘Repast Simphony’ and ‘Repast HPC’ (Repast for high-performance computing). For most purposes Repast Simphony is suitable, but when you need to run large models on a supercomputer, Repast HPC is necessary. This page presents documentation for both Repast editions.

What should you read first?

  • If you are new to agent-based modeling and simulation, start with the introductory paper here, or the book here.
  • If you are new to Repast, if your programming background is limited, or if you want to use rapid prototyping to quickly develop an agent-based simulation model, start with the ReLogo Getting Started Guide. ‘ReLogo’ is a computer language designed to help you quickly create simpler agent-based models.
  • After you are acquainted with Repast, if you know the ‘Java’ computer language and you want to develop more complex Repast Simphony models, read the Repast Java Getting Started guide.
  • If you know the ‘C++’ computer language and you want to develop a large model to run on a supercomputer,work through the Repast HPC Web Tutorial or read the Repast HPC Manual . (If your knowledge of C++ is limited, to develop Repast HPC models you can also use an easier Logo-style C++ computer language, as described in Section 5 of the manual.)

Repast Simphony Documentation

Following is the current Repast Simphony documentation for version 2.5:

Repast HPC Documentation

Following is the current Repast HPC documentation for version 2.0:

Other Resources

You may also find the following resources helpful: