Repast Development Team

The development of Repast has been a team effort. Many people have worked hard to build the Repast Suite. We'd like to recognize those people who have helped make Repast the successful project that it is. If you have technical or administrative questions about the system, please see the support page.


  • Nick Collier
  • John T. Murphy
  • Jonathan Ozik (Project Lead, contact through the Argonne Staff Directory)
  • Sara Rimer
  • Daniel Sheeler
  • Eric Tatara
Watch the Repast team discuss the present and future of ABM as part of the CoMSES 2018 Virtual Conference:

Past Contributors

  • Mark Altaweel
  • Dariusz Blachowicz
  • Mark Bragen
  • Carl Burke
  • Robbie Davidson
  • Luc Giradin
  • Lazlo Gulyas
  • Tom Howe
  • Charles Macal
  • Bob Najlis
  • Michael North
  • Charles Olson
  • Miles Parker
  • Jerry R. Vos


  • David Brannegan
  • Richard Cirillo
  • Todd E. Combs
  • Matt Kohler
  • David Sallach
  • Pam Sydelko
  • Brian Tivnan
  • Tom Wolsko