The Repast Suite

The Repast Suite is a family of advanced, free, and open source agent-based modeling and simulation platforms that have been under continuous development for over 20 years:
Repast Simphony 2.10.0, released on 22 December 2022, is a richly interactive and easy to learn Java-based modeling toolkit that is designed for use on workstations and small computing clusters.
Repast for High Performance Computing 2.3.1, released on 21 October 2021, is a lean and expert-focused C++-based distributed agent-based modeling toolkit that is designed for use on large computing clusters and supercomputers.
Repast for Python 1.1.5, released on 14 March 2024, is the newest member of the Repast Suite of ABM toolkits. It is a Python-based distributed agent-based modeling toolkit, intended to provide an easier on-ramp for researchers from diverse scientific communities to apply large-scale distributed ABM methods.
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