Interface ProjectionDecorator2D<T extends Projection<?>>

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    Continuous2DProjectionDecorator, Grid2DProjectionDecorator

    public interface ProjectionDecorator2D<T extends Projection<?>>
    Interface for classes that will decorate projection visualizations. Decorating a projection refers to such things as adding grid lines for a grid projection, bounding boxes, etc.
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    Nick Collier
    • Method Detail

      • init

        void init​(DisplayOGL2D display,
                  saf.v3d.scene.VComposite parent)
        Initializes the decorator. Implementors should add the decorating shapes to the parent node.
        display -
        parent - the parent to which the decoration should be added
      • update

        void update()
        Updates the decorator. The intention is that this would only do something if the decoration has changed from that created in init.
      • setProjection

        void setProjection​(T projection)
        Sets the that this decorator decorates.
        projection -
      • getProjection

        T getProjection()
        Gets the projection that this decorator decorates.
        the projection that this decorator decorates.