Class DefaultFeatureAgentFactory<T>

  • public class DefaultFeatureAgentFactory<T>
    extends FeatureAgentFactory<T>
    Default factory class for creating feature agents. Instances of the this class can be created using the FeatureAgentFactoryFinder.
    Nick Collier, Eric Tatara
    • Method Detail

      • getFeatureType

        public org.opengis.feature.simple.SimpleFeatureType getFeatureType()
        Gets the created feature type.
        the created feature type.
      • getCrs

        public getCrs()
        Gets the coordinate reference system for this factory.
        the coordinate reference system for this factory.
      • getFeature

        public FeatureAgent getFeature​(T agent,
                                       Geography geography)
        Create a FeatureAgent instance from the provided agent.
        Specified by:
        getFeature in class FeatureAgentFactory<T>
        agent - the agent instance from which to create a FeatureAgent
        geography - the geography in which the FeatureAgent resides
        the FeatureAgent instance