Interface ControllerRegistry

    • Method Detail

      • addAction

        void addAction​(Object contextId,
                       ControllerAction parent,
                       ControllerAction action)
        Adds an action to those for the specified context, under the specified parent action.
        parent - the action under which this action occurs, if null, this is a child of the root
        action - the action to add
      • removeAction

        boolean removeAction​(Object contextId,
                             ControllerAction action)
        Removes an action. Since the actions are stored as a tree, this has the side-effect of also removing all actions nested under the given action.
        action - the action to remove
        if the action was removed, false if it was not in the registry
      • replaceAction

        void replaceAction​(Object contextId,
                           ControllerAction oldAction,
                           ControllerAction newAction)
        Replaces a given action with the specified action. This will result in an action tree with the old action replaced with the new one. Any actions nested under the old action will now be nested under the new action.

        If the new action is a DefaultControllerAction this is the same as removing the given action without removing its children.

        This will not accept null as an argument, as it would not make sense as either an old action or as the new one that is replacing it. If null is received an InvalidParameterException will be thrown.

        oldAction - the action to replace
        newAction - the action with which to replace the old one
      • getActionTree

        Tree<ControllerAction> getActionTree​(Object contextTypeID)
        Returns the root node for the tree of actions that occur for a specified context type.
        contextTypeID - the type id of the context who's action tree to return
        the root node in the tree of actions
      • getContextIdTree

        Tree<Object> getContextIdTree()
      • addContextId

        void addContextId​(Object parentId,
                          Object newId)
      • removeContextId

        void removeContextId​(Object id)
      • replaceContextId

        void replaceContextId​(Object idToReplace,
                              Object newId)
      • setMasterContextId

        void setMasterContextId​(Object id)
      • getMasterContextId

        Object getMasterContextId()
      • setName

        void setName​(String name)
      • registerAction

        void registerAction​(Object contextID,
                            String id,
                            ControllerAction action)
        Registers an action so that it can be found later.
        contextID -
        id -
        action -
      • findAction

        ControllerAction findAction​(Object contextID,
                                    String actionID)
        Finds a registered action.
        contextID - the context of the action
        actionID - the id of the action
        the found action
      • addParameterSetter

        void addParameterSetter​(ParameterSetter paramInit)
      • removeParameterSetter

        void removeParameterSetter​(ParameterSetter paramInit)