Class Lattice2DGenerator<T>

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    public class Lattice2DGenerator<T>
    extends AbstractGenerator<T>
    Generator for n x n lattice where each vertex is incident with its four neighbors except perhaps for the edge vertices depending on whether the lattice is toroidal.

    Based on code from the Jung project.

    Nick Collier, Jung Project
    • Constructor Detail

      • Lattice2DGenerator

        public Lattice2DGenerator​(boolean isToroidal)
        Creates a Lattice2DGenerator.
        isToroidal - whether lattice wraps or not.
    • Method Detail

      • createNetwork

        public Network<T> createNetwork​(Network<T> network)
        Given an existing network, add edges to create a 2D lattice. The lattice dimension n is the square root of the number of nodes in the specified network. The resulting lattice will be nxn.
        network - the network to rewire
        the created network
      • upIndex

        protected int upIndex​(int currentLatticeRow,
                              int currentLatticeColumn)
      • downIndex

        protected int downIndex​(int currentLatticeRow,
                                int currentLatticeColumn)
      • leftIndex

        protected int leftIndex​(int currentLatticeRow,
                                int currentLatticeColumn)
      • rightIndex

        protected int rightIndex​(int currentLatticeRow,
                                 int currentLatticeColumn)