Class DisplayServer

    • Field Detail

      • LOG

        protected static final simphony.util.messages.MessageCenter LOG
      • outgoingAddr

        protected String outgoingAddr
      • layout

        protected Layout layout
      • idCounter

        protected int idCounter
      • id

        protected int id
    • Method Detail

      • addObject

        protected abstract void addObject​(Object o)
      • removeObject

        protected abstract void removeObject​(Object o)
      • moveObject

        protected abstract void moveObject​(Object o)
      • init

        public abstract void init()
      • getAgents

        public abstract List<Pair<Integer,​Object>> getAgents​(List<Integer> ids)
        Gets the agents with the specified viz ids.
        ids -
        the list of agents with the specified ids.
      • doUpdate

        protected abstract void doUpdate()
      • update

        public void update​(boolean force)
      • destroy

        public void destroy()
      • getId

        public int getId()