Class CGDGraph

    • Constructor Detail

      • CGDGraph

        public CGDGraph()
    • Method Detail

      • addNode

        public void addNode​(int index)
      • addDummyNode

        public void addDummyNode​(int index)
      • setNodes

        public void setNodes​(ArrayList _nodes)
      • setEdges

        public void setEdges​(HashMap _edges)
      • getEdges

        public HashMap getEdges()
      • getEdge

        public CGDEdge getEdge​(int x,
                               int y)
      • getNode

        public CGDNode getNode​(int ix)
      • copy

        public void copy​(CGDGraph g)
      • compute

        public void compute()
      • processChildRelation

        public TreeSet[] processChildRelation()
        This method assigns a list of children to each node. Next it stores in the array of TreeSet's (each for each node) and returns to a caller.
      • addEdge

        public void addEdge​(int x,
                            int y)
      • addEdge

        public void addEdge​(int x,
                            int y,
                            Point2D.Double[] _edgePoints)
      • removeEdge

        public boolean removeEdge​(int x,
                                  int y)
      • getGraphUtil

        public GraphUtil getGraphUtil()
      • buildNodeLayout

        public void buildNodeLayout​(ParseClanTree _root,
                                    int numNodes,
                                    int initialNumNodes,
                                    TreeSet[] parentRel)
        Initializing bounding box placement
      • parents

        public CGDTreeSet parents​(int n)
        Parents of all the nodes leading to n
      • children

        public CGDTreeSet children​(int n)
        Children of all the nodes n leads to
      • dummysToEdgePaths

        public void dummysToEdgePaths()
      • getMaxNIndex

        public int getMaxNIndex()
      • setMaxNIndex

        public void setMaxNIndex​(int i)
      • getMaxEIndex

        public int getMaxEIndex()
      • setMaxEIndex

        public void setMaxEIndex​(int i)
      • getNumOfNodes

        public int getNumOfNodes()