Class PluginWizardStep

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        public static int CONTENT_PANEL_WIDTH

        public static int CONTENT_PANEL_HEIGHT
    • Constructor Detail

      • PluginWizardStep

        public PluginWizardStep()
      • PluginWizardStep

        public PluginWizardStep​(String name,
                                String description)
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      • getContentPanel

        protected abstract JPanel getContentPanel()
        Subclasses must provide a JPanel with the wizard contents.
        the content panel
      • updateStep

        public void updateStep()
        Description copied from interface: PluginWizardStepListener
        Update any data in an implementing wizard step. Useful for when the step contents are dependent on another step and need to be updated accordingly, as in the options dialog for editing an existing item in the Scenario Tree.
        Specified by:
        updateStep in interface PluginWizardStepListener
      • updateListeners

        public void updateListeners()