Class RSApplication

    • Method Detail

      • isGui

        public static boolean isGui()
      • getRSApplicationInstance

        public static RSApplication getRSApplicationInstance()
      • addCustomUserPanel

        public void addCustomUserPanel​(JPanel panel)
      • hasCustomUserPanelDefined

        public boolean hasCustomUserPanelDefined()
      • removeCustomUserPanel

        public void removeCustomUserPanel()
      • initSim

        public void initSim()
        Initializes a simulation run. This initializes both the run mechanism and the gui.
      • isStartSim

        public boolean isStartSim()
        Checks to see the state of startSim. Should be called from Event Dispatch Thread.
      • start

        public void start()
        Starts a simulation run. Initializes the run if necessary.
      • step

        public void step()
        Steps a simulation run forward a single step.
      • pause

        public void pause()
        Pauses the simulation run.
      • stop

        public void stop()
        Stops the simulation run.
      • resetLayout

        public void resetLayout()
        Resets the layout to the initial layout.
      • saveLayout

        public void saveLayout()
        Saves the current layout to a user selected file.
      • saveAsDefaultLayout

        public void saveAsDefaultLayout()
        Saves the current view layout as the default layout for the current scenario.
      • loadLayout

        public void loadLayout()
        Loads and resets the current layout from a user selected file.
      • createNewScenario

        public void createNewScenario()
        Creates a new scenario through the new scenario wizard.
      • open

        public void open()
        Opens a scenario via a directory chooser dialog.
      • reset

        public void reset()
        Resets the gui and runtime infrastructure for another simulation run.
      • saveAs

        public void saveAs()
        Saves the current scenario into a user specified scenario directory. The directory itself is selected via directory chooser widget.
      • saveCurrentParameters

        public File saveCurrentParameters()
        Saves the current parameters to a parameters.xml file in the current scenario directory.
      • save

        public void save()
        Saves the current scenario. If the current scenario has not been saved, this is the equivalent of save as.
      • close

        public boolean close()
        Closes the runtime application.
      • storeSettings

        protected void storeSettings()
      • createLayout

        public void createLayout​(saf.core.ui.dock.DockingManager manager)
        Creates the gui layout.
        manager -
      • tickCountUpdated

        public void tickCountUpdated​(double newTick)
        Called when the schedule increments the tick count.
        Specified by:
        tickCountUpdated in interface TickListener
        newTick - the new tick value.
      • getController

        public Controller getController()
        Returns the current controller.
        the current controller.
      • getGui

        public RSGui getGui()
        Returns the application gui
        the application gui
      • getSettingsRegistry

        public simphony.settings.SettingsRegistry getSettingsRegistry()
        Gets the settings registry.
        the settings registry.
      • getCurrentScenario

        public Scenario getCurrentScenario()
      • paused

        public void paused()
        Invoked when the current run has been paused.
        Specified by:
        paused in interface RunListener
      • restarted

        public void restarted()
        Invoked when the current run has been restarted after a pause.
        Specified by:
        restarted in interface RunListener
      • started

        public void started()
        Invoked when the current run has been started.
        Specified by:
        started in interface RunListener
      • stopped

        public void stopped()
        Invoked when the current run has been stopped.
        Specified by:
        stopped in interface RunListener
      • getErrorLog

        public ErrorLog getErrorLog()
        Gets the error log.