Class RSAppConfigurator

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class RSAppConfigurator
    extends Object
    implements saf.core.ui.IAppConfigurator
    Nick Collier
    • Field Detail

      • defaultScenario

        protected File defaultScenario
    • Constructor Detail

      • RSAppConfigurator

        public RSAppConfigurator​(RSApplication application,
                                 File defaultScenario)
    • Method Detail

      • preWindowOpen

        public boolean preWindowOpen​(saf.core.ui.IWindowCustomizer customizer)
        Specified by:
        preWindowOpen in interface saf.core.ui.IAppConfigurator
      • postWindowOpen

        public void postWindowOpen​(saf.core.ui.ISAFDisplay isafDisplay)
        Specified by:
        postWindowOpen in interface saf.core.ui.IAppConfigurator
      • postWindowClose

        public void postWindowClose()
        Specified by:
        postWindowClose in interface saf.core.ui.IAppConfigurator
      • createLayout

        public void createLayout​(saf.core.ui.dock.DockingManager viewManager)
        Specified by:
        createLayout in interface saf.core.ui.IAppConfigurator
      • fillBars

        public void fillBars​(saf.core.ui.GUIBarManager barManager)
        Specified by:
        fillBars in interface saf.core.ui.IAppConfigurator
      • preWindowClose

        public boolean preWindowClose()
        Specified by:
        preWindowClose in interface saf.core.ui.IAppConfigurator
        true if the window can continue to close, false to veto the window close.