Class ParameterSelectionDialog<P extends Parameters>

    • Constructor Detail

      • ParameterSelectionDialog

        public ParameterSelectionDialog​(Frame owner,
                                        String titleText)
      • ParameterSelectionDialog

        public ParameterSelectionDialog​(Dialog owner,
                                        String titleText)
    • Method Detail

      • doOKaction

        protected abstract void doOKaction​(List<String> selectedParamNames)
      • init

        public abstract void init​(P params)
        Initialize the list for the Parameters object.

        Subclass implementations should call init(params,includeRandomSeed,selectAll) to get the list initialized appropriately

        params - The Parameters object to provide selection from
      • init

        protected void init​(P params,
                            boolean includeRandomSeed,
                            boolean selectAll)