Class Transition<T>

    • Method Detail

      • getAgent

        protected T getAgent()
      • getTrigger

        public Trigger getTrigger()
      • isTransitionConditionTrue

        protected boolean isTransitionConditionTrue()
      • isTransitionTriggered

        protected boolean isTransitionTriggered()
      • isResolveNow

        protected boolean isResolveNow()
      • registerGuard

        protected void registerGuard​(GuardCondition<T> guard)
      • canTransitionZeroTime

        protected boolean canTransitionZeroTime()
      • isTriggerQueueConsuming

        protected boolean isTriggerQueueConsuming()
      • getPriority

        public double getPriority()
      • registerOnTransition

        protected void registerOnTransition​(TransitionAction<T> onTransition)
      • onTransition

        protected void onTransition()
      • getId

        public String getId()
      • rescheduleRegularTransition

        protected void rescheduleRegularTransition​(DefaultStateChart<T> stateChart,
                                                   double currentTime)
      • rescheduleSelfTransition

        protected void rescheduleSelfTransition​(DefaultStateChart<T> stateChart,
                                                double currentTime)
      • setNextPollingTime

        public void setNextPollingTime​(double pollingTime)
        Sets the next polling time for this transition. This affects Always, Condition, Probability and Message triggers.
        pollingTime -
      • getPollingTime

        public double getPollingTime()
        Get the polling time or interval for this transition. Polling time for: Always, Condition, Probability and Message triggers. Interval for: Timed and Exponential triggers.