Class StrictBorders

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    public class StrictBorders
    extends AbstractGridPointTranslator
    Strict border implementation. Any translate or transform outside of the grids dimensions will throw a SpatialException.
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    Nick Collier
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      • StrictBorders

        public StrictBorders()
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      • isToroidal

        public boolean isToroidal()
        True if this grid is toroidal (in the sense that moving off one border makes you appear on the other one), otherwise false. This always returns false.
        always false.
      • translate

        public void translate​(int[] location,
                              int... displacement)
        Translate the specified location by the specified displacement. The new location will stored in the location array. For example, if the location is (3, 4) and the displacement is (1, -2), the new location will be (4, 2). If the translated location is outside of the grid dimensions, then a SpatialException is thrown.
        location - the current location
        displacement - the amount to translate
        SpatialException - if the new location as calculated from current location and displacement is outside of the grid's dimensions.