Class StickyBorders

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    public class StickyBorders
    extends AbstractGridPointTranslator
    Border implementation where translates across the border limits are clamped to the border coordinates. So, for example, the space goes from 0 to 10 and the translate results in 11 you end up at 10 (when traveling to 11 you get stuck to the wall). Transforms throw a SpatialException if the desired target location is outside of the grid's dimensions.
    Jerry Vos
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      • StickyBorders

        public StickyBorders()
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      • getNewCoord

        protected int getNewCoord​(int dimension,
                                  int coord)
      • translate

        public void translate​(int[] location,
                              int... displacement)
        Translates the specified location by the amount of displacement along each dimensions. The results are clamped to the grid's dimensions. The translated location is returned in the location array.
        location - the current location
        displacement - the amount of displacement.
      • isToroidal

        public boolean isToroidal()
        Description copied from interface: GridPointTranslator
        True if this grid is toroidal (in the sense that moving off one border makes you appear on the other one), otherwise false.
        true if this grid is toroidal, otherwise false.