Class QuadEdge

  • public class QuadEdge
    extends Object
    This is a representation of the QuadEdge data structure. The quadEdge structure as described in guibas and stolfi on page 92, represents a subdivision of space and its dual.
    • Constructor Detail

      • QuadEdge

        public QuadEdge()
    • Method Detail

      • setOrg

        public void setOrg​(TriangulationPoint pt)
        Set the origin of the edge.
        pt - The origin of the edge.
      • setDest

        public void setDest​(TriangulationPoint pt)
        Set the destination of this edge.
        pt - The destination of the edge.
      • setRot

        public void setRot​(QuadEdge e)
        The dual (perpendicular bisector) of this edge.
        e - The dual of this edge.
      • setSym

        public void setSym​(QuadEdge e)
        The edge with opposite orientation to this one, i.e. the origin of this edge is the destination of the other edge and the destination of this edge is the origin of the other edge.
        e - The symmetric of this edge.
      • setRot3

        public void setRot3​(QuadEdge e)
        The result of applying the rot operator 3 times.
        e - The other edge.
      • setONext

        public void setONext​(QuadEdge e)
      • setLNext

        public void setLNext​(QuadEdge e)
      • setOPrev

        public void setOPrev​(QuadEdge e)
      • setRNext

        public void setRNext​(QuadEdge e)
      • isValidEdge

        public boolean isValidEdge()
        Determine if this edge is one of the inifinite edges. If so, this is not a valid edge.
        true if neither org nor dest are infinite.