Interface Runner

    • Method Detail

      • go

        boolean go()
        Specifies if the simulation should continue to run (returns true) or if it should stop (returns false).
        false if the sim should stop, true otherwise
      • init

        void init()
      • stop

        void stop()
      • setPause

        void setPause​(boolean pause)
      • step

        void step()
      • addRunListener

        void addRunListener​(RunListener listener)
        Adds the specified listener to the list of RunListener-s to be notified of any run related events, such as stopped, started, and so on.
        listener - the listener to add.
      • removeRunListener

        void removeRunListener​(RunListener listener)
        Removes the specified RunListener from the list for RunListener notified by this runner.
        listener -
      • setController

        void setController​(Controller controller)