Interface GUIRegistry

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    public interface GUIRegistry
    This interface represents an object that contains GUI elements generated for a simulation and that are to be displayed to the user.
    Jerry Vos, Eric Tatara
    • Method Detail

      • addComponent

        void addComponent​(JComponent component,
                          GUIRegistryType type,
                          String name)
        Adds a component with the given type and name. The type is not meant to be "JPanel" or "JTable," but to be along the lines of "Graph" or "Display." The name can be null.
        component - the component to add
        type - the type of the component
        name - the name of the component (can be null)
      • removeComponent

        boolean removeComponent​(JComponent component)
        Removes a component from the registry.
        component - the component to remove
        true if something was removed (false if this didn't contain the component
      • getName

        String getName​(JComponent component)
        Retrieves the name of a given component. This may return null if the name was null or if the component does not exist in the registry.
        component - the component who's name to retrieve
        the specified component's name
      • addDisplay

        void addDisplay​(String name,
                        GUIRegistryType type,
                        IDisplay display)
        Adds an IDisplay to this GUIRegistry. If the display is added, there is NO need to add the compoment associated with the IDisplay as well.
        display - the renderer to add
      • getDisplays

        List<IDisplay> getDisplays()
        Gets the list of IDisplay-s registered with this GUIRegistry.
        the list of IDisplays-s registered with this GUIRegistry.
      • getDisplayForComponent

        IDisplay getDisplayForComponent​(JComponent comp)
        Gets the display associated with the specified component.
        comp - the component whose display we want
        the associated display
      • getDisplayForName

        IDisplay getDisplayForName​(String displayName)
        Get the IDisplay associated with the specified display name;
        displayName - the display name
        the IDisplay with the provided name