Class ExcelNetworkLoader

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    public class ExcelNetworkLoader
    extends MatrixNetworkLoader
    Loads a Network from an excel file.

    ?The matrix is assumed to be square. Each worksheet is treated as a matrix, and any worksheets that do not contain matrices will cause an error. The worksheet name is treated as the matrix label unless the name begins with Sheet (Excel's generic worksheet name). The format for excel files is that imported and exported by UCINet. The first cell is empty, and the node labels begin on this first row in the second column. The column node labels begin in first column on the second row. The actual data begins in cell 2,2. For example,

                  | first_label | second_label | ...
     first_label  | 0           | 1            | ...
     second_label | 1           | 0            | ...
     ...          | ...         | ...          | ...

    If the matrix has no node labels, RePast will expect the first row and column to be blank and as before, for the data to begin in cell 2,2.

    Nick Collier