Class AbstractConverter

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractConverter

        public AbstractConverter()
    • Method Detail

      • arrayToString

        protected String arrayToString​(double[] vals)
      • stringToDblArray

        protected double[] stringToDblArray​(String val)
      • arrayToString

        protected String arrayToString​(int[] vals)
      • stringToIntArray

        protected int[] stringToIntArray​(String val)
      • readNextObject

        protected Object readNextObject​(Object parent,
                                        com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.UnmarshallingContext umContext)
                                 throws ClassNotFoundException
        Gets the next object in the tree. The object must have been written using writeObject.
        parent - the "parent"
        reader - the reader
        umContext - the unmarshalling context
        the next Object
        ClassNotFoundException - the class of the object is not found.
      • readNextString

        protected String readNextString​( reader)
        Reads the next value as a String.
        reader - the reader to use
        the read String
      • writeObject

        protected void writeObject​(String nodeName,
                                   Object obj,
                                   com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.MarshallingContext mContext)
        Writes an object to XML.
        nodeName - the node name
        obj - the object to write
        writer - the writer used to write
        mContext - the marshalling context.
      • writeString

        protected void writeString​(String nodeName,
                                   String value,
        Writes a string to the xml stream.
        nodeName - the node name
        value - the value to write
        writer - the writer used to write the value
      • getXmlFile

        public File getXmlFile()
      • setXmlFile

        public void setXmlFile​(File xmlFile)