Class BehaviorTracker

  • public class BehaviorTracker
    extends Object
    Tracks the whether or not behaviors are finished executing with respect the current rendering iteration.

    Behaviors register themselves with this class, and receive an id. When a behavior finished executing, it should call behaviorCompleted and passing in that id.

    $Revision: 1.1 $ $Date: 2006/01/06 22:35:19 $
    Nick Collier
    • Constructor Detail

      • BehaviorTracker

        public BehaviorTracker()
    • Method Detail

      • registerBehavior

        public int registerBehavior()
        Registers a behavior for tracking.
        an id for that behavior to use to identify itself when it completes.
      • deregisterBehavior

        public void deregisterBehavior​(int index)
      • renderStarted

        public void renderStarted()
      • behaviorCompleted

        public void behaviorCompleted​(int id)
        Notifies this BehaviorTracker that the behavior associated with the specified id has completed executing.
        id - the id of the behavior that has completed.
      • reset

        public void reset()
      • isRenderFinished

        public boolean isRenderFinished()
      • end

        public void end()