Class AppearanceFactory

  • public class AppearanceFactory
    extends Object
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    Nick Collier
    • Constructor Detail

      • AppearanceFactory

        public AppearanceFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • setColoredAppearance

        public static org.jogamp.java3d.Appearance setColoredAppearance​(org.jogamp.java3d.Appearance appearance,
                                                                        Color color)
      • setTransparentAppearance

        public static org.jogamp.java3d.Appearance setTransparentAppearance​(org.jogamp.java3d.Appearance appearance,
                                                                            int mode,
                                                                            float transVal)
      • createAppearance

        public static org.jogamp.java3d.Appearance createAppearance()
      • setMaterialAppearance

        public static org.jogamp.java3d.Appearance setMaterialAppearance​(org.jogamp.java3d.Appearance appearance,
                                                                         Color color)
        Sets the material of the specified to appearance to the specified color. This will create a new Appearance if the specified appearance is null.
        appearance -
        color - the color to set the diffuse color of the material to.
        an appearance whose material is the specified color. If the specified appearance is not null, then it will be return having had its material's color set appropriately.
      • setPolygonAppearance

        public static org.jogamp.java3d.Appearance setPolygonAppearance​(org.jogamp.java3d.Appearance appearance,
                                                                        AppearanceFactory.PolygonDraw draw)