Class BufferedImageTexture

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    public class BufferedImageTexture
    extends gov.nasa.worldwind.render.BasicWWTexture
    As of version 2.5. Use the BasicWWTexture instead to avoid memory leaks.
    BufferedImageTexture is a non-cached BasicWWTexture implementation that is useful for styling PlaceMarks with often changing appearance, eg for agents that may update their appearance every tick. The non-cached version of BasicWWTexture just returns a stored jogl Texture each time rather than storing it in the GPU texture cache. For cases where the style updates the texture anyway, this does not impact rendering performance but has a huge benefit in reducing memory storage of textures. This implementation only handles BufferedImage as the image source.
    Eric Tatara
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        height, texCoords, textureInitializationFailed, width
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        applyInternalTransform, bind, getHeight, getImageSource, getTexCoords, getTexture, getTextureFromCache, getWidth, initialize, initializeTexture, isTextureCurrent, isTextureInitializationFailed, isUseAnisotropy, isUseMipMaps, setUseAnisotropy
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      • BufferedImageTexture

        public BufferedImageTexture​(BufferedImage imageSource)