Interface VisualizationRegistryData

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    T -
    All Known Implementing Classes:
    GIS3DVisualizationRegistryData, GISVisualizationRegistryData

    public interface VisualizationRegistryData
    Visualization registry data stores information about the available visualization types (displays) and their associated capabilities, such as converters, loaders, and GUI panels. User-defined visualizations should implement registry data to provide these basic capabilities to the runtime.
    Eric Tatara
    • Method Detail

      • getVisualizationType

        String getVisualizationType()
        The visualization type Name, e.g. "2D", "3D", etc
        the projection type name.
      • getDisplayCreatorFactory

        DisplayCreatorFactory getDisplayCreatorFactory()
        Provide a DisplayCreator that will create the display.
        the projection builder factory.
      • getDefaultStyles

        Class<?>[] getDefaultStyles()
        The default style classes that are available in the display wizard.
        the style classes.
      • getDefaultEdgeStyles

        Class<?>[] getDefaultEdgeStyles()
        The default edge style classes that are available in the display wizard.
        the edge style classes.
      • getStyleInterface

        Class<?> getStyleInterface()
        The style interface associated with the display.
        the style interface.
      • getEdgeStyleInterface

        Class<?> getEdgeStyleInterface()
        The edge style interface associated with the display.
        the edge style interface.
      • getDisplayWizardSteps

        List<Pair<org.pietschy.wizard.WizardStep,​org.pietschy.wizard.models.Condition>> getDisplayWizardSteps()
        Gets display wizard steps (style, etc) specific to this display type.
      • getDescriptorFactory

        DisplayDescriptorFactory getDescriptorFactory()
        Get a factory for creating display descriptors for this display type.
      • getProjectionDescriptorFactory

        ProjectionDescriptorFactory getProjectionDescriptorFactory()
        Get a factory for creation projection discritprs used by displays.
      • getRequiredLibraryClassName

        String getRequiredLibraryClassName()
        Return an optional (can be null or emptystring) name of a class that is required for this visualization type to work propely. This is useful if the visualization is dependent on a third party library like JOGL. The DisplayControllerAction will check if this required class name is on the classpath and will not try to create the display if it is missing.
      • handlesProjectionType

        boolean handlesProjectionType​(String projectionType)
        Returns true if this visualization is able to handle the projection type.
        projectionType -
      • getDisplayValidator

        DisplayValidator getDisplayValidator()
        Get a DisplayValidator instance associated with this display type.
      • getEditedEdgeStyleClass

        Class<?> getEditedEdgeStyleClass()
      • getAllowedShapes

        Set<String> getAllowedShapes()