Class WizardPluginUtil

  • public class WizardPluginUtil
    extends Object
    Utilities for working with plugin-able wizards. This helps in loading settings for a wizard whose options are loaded from plugin descriptions (plugin.xml's).
    Jerry Vos
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      • WizardPluginUtil

        public WizardPluginUtil()
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      • loadWizardOptions

        public static <T extends WizardOptionList<T> loadWizardOptions​( manager,
                                                                         Class<T> baseOptionClass,
                                                                         String extensionPointPluginId,
                                                                         String extensionPointId,
                                                                         boolean register)
        Retrieves WizardOptions of the specified type from the plugin manager. The options are read in from the specified plugin and extension point. The extension point is assumed to contain a class field (CLASS_KEY) that specifies the class of the wizard option.

        If the register option is true, this will register the loaded options into the DynamicWizard with the extensionPointId as the wizardId.

        manager - the plugin manager that the extension points will be retrieved from
        baseOptionClass - the option class (cannot be null as it is used for casting)
        extensionPointPluginId - the id of the plugin that the extension point is declared in
        extensionPointId - the id of the extension point that the wizard options will be registered to
        register - whether or not to register the loaded plugins to the DynamicWizard
        all the options that could be instantiated from the specified point
        See Also:
        DynamicWizard.registerWizardOption(String, WizardOption)