Class ParameterSweepPanel

    • Constructor Detail

      • ParameterSweepPanel

        public ParameterSweepPanel​(Parameters params,
                                   JDialog parent)
        Create the GUI and show it. For thread safety, this method should be invoked from the event dispatch thread.
    • Method Detail

      • updateValuesProperties

        public void updateValuesProperties()
      • saveValuesProperties

        public void saveValuesProperties()
      • saveCurrentSettings

        public void saveCurrentSettings​(String current)
      • setDisplayInternalNameMap

        public void setDisplayInternalNameMap​(HashMap<String,​String> displayInternalNameMap)
      • setParams

        public void setParams​(Parameters params)
      • getNumberOfRuns

        public JTextField getNumberOfRuns()
      • setNumberOfRuns

        public void setNumberOfRuns​(JTextField numberOfRuns)
      • getRadioButtonPanel

        public JPanel getRadioButtonPanel()
      • setRadioButtonPanel

        public void setRadioButtonPanel​(JPanel radioButtonPanel)
      • getLocalExecutionPanel

        public JPanel getLocalExecutionPanel()
      • setLocalExecutionPanel

        public void setLocalExecutionPanel​(JPanel localExecutionPanel)
      • getGridExecutionPanel

        public JPanel getGridExecutionPanel()
      • setGridExecutionPanel

        public void setGridExecutionPanel​(JPanel gridExecutionPanel)
      • getExecutionPanel

        public JPanel getExecutionPanel()
      • setExecutionPanel

        public void setExecutionPanel​(JPanel executionPanel)
      • setGridButton

        public void setGridButton​(JRadioButton gridButton)
      • setLocalButton

        public void setLocalButton​(JRadioButton localButton)
      • getOptimizedButton

        public JRadioButton getOptimizedButton()
      • isRetainFiles

        public boolean isRetainFiles()
      • getRetainFilesCheckBox

        public JCheckBox getRetainFilesCheckBox()
      • getTextField1

        public JTextField getTextField1()
      • setTextField1

        public void setTextField1​(JTextField textField1)
      • getTextField2

        public JTextField getTextField2()
      • setTextField2

        public void setTextField2​(JTextField textField2)
      • getTextField3

        public JTextField getTextField3()
      • setTextField3

        public void setTextField3​(JTextField textField3)
      • getTextField4

        public JTextField getTextField4()
      • setTextField4

        public void setTextField4​(JTextField textField4)
      • getTextField5

        public JTextField getTextField5()
      • setTextField5

        public void setTextField5​(JTextField textField5)
      • getTf1Local

        public String getTf1Local()
      • setTf1Local

        public void setTf1Local​(String tf1Local)
      • getTf2Local

        public String getTf2Local()
      • setTf2Local

        public void setTf2Local​(String tf2Local)
      • getTf3Local

        public String getTf3Local()
      • setTf3Local

        public void setTf3Local​(String tf3Local)
      • getTf4Local

        public String getTf4Local()
      • setTf4Local

        public void setTf4Local​(String tf4Local)
      • getTf5Local

        public String getTf5Local()
      • setTf5Local

        public void setTf5Local​(String tf5Local)
      • getTf1Optimized

        public String getTf1Optimized()
      • setTf1Optimized

        public void setTf1Optimized​(String tf1Optimized)
      • getTf2Optimized

        public String getTf2Optimized()
      • setTf2Optimized

        public void setTf2Optimized​(String tf2Optimized)
      • getTf3Optimized

        public String getTf3Optimized()
      • setTf3Optimized

        public void setTf3Optimized​(String tf3Optimized)
      • getTf4Optimized

        public String getTf4Optimized()
      • setTf4Optimized

        public void setTf4Optimized​(String tf4Optimized)
      • getTf5Optimized

        public String getTf5Optimized()
      • setTf5Optimized

        public void setTf5Optimized​(String tf5Optimized)
      • getTf1Grid

        public String getTf1Grid()
      • setTf1Grid

        public void setTf1Grid​(String tf1Grid)
      • getTf2Grid

        public String getTf2Grid()
      • setTf2Grid

        public void setTf2Grid​(String tf2Grid)
      • getTf3Grid

        public String getTf3Grid()
      • setTf3Grid

        public void setTf3Grid​(String tf3Grid)
      • getTf4Grid

        public String getTf4Grid()
      • setTf4Grid

        public void setTf4Grid​(String tf4Grid)
      • getTf5Grid

        public String getTf5Grid()
      • setTf5Grid

        public void setTf5Grid​(String tf5Grid)
      • setRetainFiles

        public void setRetainFiles​(boolean retainFiles)
      • isZipNShip

        public boolean isZipNShip()
      • setZipNShip

        public void setZipNShip​(boolean zipNShip)
      • getCommandLineArguments

        public String getCommandLineArguments()
      • setCommandLineArguments

        public void setCommandLineArguments​(String commandLineArguments)
      • getClasspathAdditions

        public String getClasspathAdditions()
      • setClasspathAdditions

        public void setClasspathAdditions​(String classpathAdditions)
      • getCommandPanel

        public JPanel getCommandPanel()
      • setCommandPanel

        public void setCommandPanel​(JPanel commandPanel)