Class OptimizedParameterSweeper.DefaultAdvanceChooser

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    public static class OptimizedParameterSweeper.DefaultAdvanceChooser
    extends Object
    implements AdvancementChooser
    This just goes FORWARD through the parameter space. This will traverse the space along its edges until it reaches the farthest corner from the initial coordinates.
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      • DefaultAdvanceChooser

        public DefaultAdvanceChooser()
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      • advanceParameter

        public AdvanceType advanceParameter​(double runResult)
      • shouldRevert

        public boolean shouldRevert​(double runResult)
        Description copied from interface: AdvancementChooser
        If the sweeper should revert to the parameters used before the last ones. For instance, if we executed 2 runs, first at (0, 0) and second at (1, 0) and the value of those runs were 100 and 50 respectively, it would most likely tell it to revert and go back to the (0, 0) parameters (because the value was "better").
        Specified by:
        shouldRevert in interface AdvancementChooser
        runResult - the result of the previous run
        if the sweeper should revert or not