Class AnnealingAdvancementChooser

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public class AnnealingAdvancementChooser extends HillClimber
  • Field Details


      public static final double DEFAULT_INITIAL_TEMP
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    • coolingSchedule

      protected CoolingSchedule coolingSchedule
    • maxTemp

      protected double maxTemp
    • jumped

      protected boolean jumped
    • preJumpAdvance

      protected AdvanceType preJumpAdvance
    • preJumpRunResult

      protected double preJumpRunResult
  • Constructor Details

    • AnnealingAdvancementChooser

      public AnnealingAdvancementChooser()
    • AnnealingAdvancementChooser

      public AnnealingAdvancementChooser(CoolingSchedule schedule, double initialTemp)
  • Method Details

    • chooseAdvancement

      public AdvanceType chooseAdvancement(ParameterSetter init, AdvanceType lastType, double runResult)
      Description copied from class: HillClimber
      This performs the hill climbing algorithm. In the best case it will traverse the space by (assuming we've just chosen a new parameter):
      • Explore the local space to find which direction to follow. It first will explore to the right (FORWARD) of the current position, then to the left (BACKWARD).
      • Next it will move whichever direction is best of left, right, and the neither (if we're at a peak). If we're on a peak it will return AdvanceType.SWITCH.

      Because of the implementation, this may result in a single spot being executed multiple times in order. Also, this handles the border cases where it cannot move forwards or backwards (but wishes to) by switching.

      Specified by:
      chooseAdvancement in interface AdvancementChooser
      chooseAdvancement in class HillClimber
      init - the current setter
      lastType - the last executed parameter command
      runResult - the last run's value
      the action to perform
    • shouldRevert

      public boolean shouldRevert(double runResult)
      Description copied from class: HillClimber
      Returns true when the previous run's value was greater than runResult or when we're exploring the local space to figure out which direction to go.
      Specified by:
      shouldRevert in interface AdvancementChooser
      shouldRevert in class HillClimber
      runResult - the result of the previous run
      if we should revert to the previous space
    • chooseRandom

      protected boolean chooseRandom()
    • getRandom

      protected double getRandom()