Class RunParameterSetter

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    public class RunParameterSetter
    extends Object
    implements ParameterSetter
    A ParameterSetter that signifies a set of nested parameters being executed multiple times. This will run its nested initializers the number of times specified in its totalRuns argument.
    Jerry Vos
    • Field Detail

      • runNumber

        protected int runNumber
      • totalRuns

        protected int totalRuns
    • Constructor Detail

      • RunParameterSetter

        public RunParameterSetter​(int totalRuns)
        The number of times this and its nested parameters should be run.
        totalRuns - number of times to run through the parameters
    • Method Detail

      • atEnd

        public boolean atEnd()
        True if we've run totalRuns times.
        Specified by:
        atEnd in interface ParameterSetter
        if we've ran enough times
      • next

        public void next​(Parameters params)
        Increments the run number and calls the super's next method.
        Specified by:
        next in interface ParameterSetter
        params - unused but passed to the super
      • getTotalRuns

        public int getTotalRuns()
      • setTotalRuns

        public void setTotalRuns​(int totalRuns)