Class PreviewLabel

    • Field Detail

      • shape

        protected Shape shape
      • fillColor

        protected Color fillColor
      • fillOpacity

        protected double fillOpacity
      • outlineColor

        protected Color outlineColor
      • outlineOpacity

        protected double outlineOpacity
      • outlineThickness

        protected double outlineThickness
      • markSize

        protected double markSize
      • markRotation

        protected double markRotation
    • Constructor Detail

      • PreviewLabel

        public PreviewLabel()
    • Method Detail

      • updatePreview

        public void updatePreview()
        Updates the PreviewLabel icon based on the current values for fill, opacity, etc.
      • getSmallIcon

        public ImageIcon getSmallIcon()
        Provide a small icon for table cells or other locations where just the small icon is needed.
        the small icon
      • setMark

        public void setMark​(String mark)
        Set the mark based on the well-known text string (ie "circle").
        mark - the well-known text string
      • setShapeToPolygon

        public void setShapeToPolygon()
        Set the Shape instance to a polygon shape.
      • setShapeToLine

        public void setShapeToLine()
        Set the Shape instance to a line shape.
      • updateShape

        public void updateShape()
      • setFillColor

        public void setFillColor​(Color fillColor)
      • setFillOpacity

        public void setFillOpacity​(double fillOpacity)
      • setOutlineColor

        public void setOutlineColor​(Color outlineColor)
      • setOutlineOpacity

        public void setOutlineOpacity​(double outlineOpacity)
      • setMarkSize

        public void setMarkSize​(double markSize)
      • setMarkRotation

        public void setMarkRotation​(double markRotation)
      • setOutlineThickness

        public void setOutlineThickness​(double outlineThickness)