Class ByRangePanelMediator

  • public class ByRangePanelMediator
    extends Object
    Mediates between the different components in ByRangePanel.
    Nick Collier, Eric Tatara
    • Constructor Detail

      • ByRangePanelMediator

        public ByRangePanelMediator​(org.opengis.feature.type.FeatureType featureType,
                                    org.geotools.styling.Rule rule)
    • Method Detail

      • getMin

        public double getMin()
      • getMax

        public double getMax()
      • getDefaultRule

        public org.geotools.styling.Rule getDefaultRule()
      • setDefaultRule

        public void setDefaultRule​(org.geotools.styling.Rule defaultRule)
      • getPreviewTableModel

        public TableModel getPreviewTableModel()
      • classesChanged

        public void classesChanged​(int classes)
        Called whenever the classes count changes
        classes - the new number of classes
      • paletteChanged

        public void paletteChanged()
      • minChanged

        public void minChanged​(double min)
      • maxChanged

        public void maxChanged​(double max)
      • typeChanged

        public void typeChanged()
      • attributeChanged

        public void attributeChanged()
      • replaceRule

        public void replaceRule​(org.geotools.styling.Rule oldRule,
                                org.geotools.styling.Rule newRule)
      • getFeatureTypeStyle

        public org.geotools.styling.FeatureTypeStyle getFeatureTypeStyle()
      • init

        public void init​(List<org.geotools.styling.Rule> rules,
                         String attributeName)