Interface IScheduleFactory

    • Method Detail

      • createSchedule

        ISchedule createSchedule​(ISchedulableActionFactory factory)
        Creates a Schedule that will use the specified ISchedulableActionFactory to create its scheduled actions.
        factory - the factory to use to create the actions that the Schedule will schedule
        a schedule that uses the specified factory
      • createSchedule

        ISchedule createSchedule()
        Creates a Schedule that by default uses the factory set in this interface to create its scheduled actions.

        The behavior that occurs when a default action factory has not been set is per-implementation specific, but in most cases there should be a reasonable default.

        a schedule that uses the default factory
      • setDefaultSchedulableActionFactory

        void setDefaultSchedulableActionFactory​(ISchedulableActionFactory defaultFactory)
        Sets the action factory that will be used when createSchedule is called with no arguments.
        defaultFactory - the default factory to use if one isn't specified