Interface IGraphSchedule

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    IAction, ISchedule
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    public interface IGraphSchedule
    extends ISchedule
    A schedule that will schedule graphs. This currently is implemented on top of the general Repast schedule, with the nodes being executed at times according to their distance between each other.
    Jerry Vos
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        ISchedulableAction schedule​(ScheduleParameters baseParams,
                                    Object rootNode,
                                    GraphExecutor<?> executor)
        Schedules the execution of a graph starting with the specified root node. The base parameters object is used to schedule the execution of the primary node, other nodes' execution should be based on these parameters but should not be scheduled as repeating actions. The base node itself can be scheduled as a repeating action, allowing for repeated execution of the graph.

        baseParams - the parameters for scheduling the root node and a basis for the scheduling of the following nodes
        rootNode - the node to start execution on
        executor - the action that will execute the graph
        the action scheduled for the root node