Class NonAggregateDataSetBuilder

    • Constructor Detail

      • NonAggregateDataSetBuilder

        public NonAggregateDataSetBuilder​(String id,
                                          Class<?> targetType)
        Creates a NonAggregateDataSetBuilder that will build a dataset with the specified id.
        id - the id of the dataset to build
    • Method Detail

      • isAggregate

        public boolean isAggregate()
        Description copied from interface: DataSetBuilder
        Gets whether or not this DataSetBuilder builds an aggregate DataSet.
        Specified by:
        isAggregate in interface DataSetBuilder<NonAggregateDataSource>
        true if this builder builds an aggregate DataSet, otherwise false.
      • defineMethodDataSource

        public void defineMethodDataSource​(String id,
                                           Class<?> objType,
                                           String methodName)
        Defines a method data sources to be added to the data set built by this builder. The data source will be named by the id, and call the specified method on objects of the specified type.
        id -
        objType -
        methodName -