Class AbstractHistogramDataset

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    ObjectInputValidation, Serializable, Cloneable, EventListener,,,,,, org.jfree.util.PublicCloneable
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    DynamicHistogramDataset, StaticHistogramDataset

    public abstract class AbstractHistogramDataset
    Base class for histogram datasets to be used with JFreeCharts. This will accumulate values in a buffer until #update() is called. At that point the current histogram data will be removed and the data in the buffer will be histogramed. The default is never to fire change events and let the chart execute code do that actual update via the plot.
    Nick Collier
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    • Field Summary

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      protected cern.colt.list.DoubleArrayList buffer  
      protected boolean notifyListeners  
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      protected abstract void addValues​(cern.colt.list.DoubleArrayList vals)
      Adds a data value to the buffer of values.
      protected abstract void doUpdate()
      Performs the actual histogramming.Implementation is left to subclasses
      protected void notifyListeners​( arg0)  
      void update​(cern.colt.list.DoubleArrayList vals)
      Updates the histogram with the values in the buffer.
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    • Field Detail

      • buffer

        protected cern.colt.list.DoubleArrayList buffer
      • notifyListeners

        protected boolean notifyListeners
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractHistogramDataset

        public AbstractHistogramDataset​(Comparable<?> seriesKey)
    • Method Detail

      • addValues

        protected abstract void addValues​(cern.colt.list.DoubleArrayList vals)
        Adds a data value to the buffer of values. These values will be histogrammed on a call to #update().
        val -
      • update

        public void update​(cern.colt.list.DoubleArrayList vals)
        Updates the histogram with the values in the buffer.
      • doUpdate

        protected abstract void doUpdate()
        Performs the actual histogramming.Implementation is left to subclasses
      • notifyListeners

        protected void notifyListeners​( arg0)
        notifyListeners in class