Class InstanceRunner

  • public class InstanceRunner
    extends Object
    Runs a single instance of a simphony model in a batch run. This expects to be passed the following arguments:
    1. -pxml
    2. -scenario
    3. -id
    4. optional -pinput if the parameter input is in a file.
if no -pinput then last arg is expected to be a string in unrolled parameter format. A parameter line hasthe format R\tP1\tV1,P2\tV2,P3\tV3,... R is the run number followed by a tab. P* and V* is a parameter name and value pair which are separated from each other by a tab and from other PV pairs by a comma delimeter.

The InstanceRunner will feed each line from the file / command line to the model and run the model for that parameter combination. When all the lines have been processed the batch run is finished. If there are warnings or errors produced during the run then those will be written to a WARN or FAILURE file in the working directory. If there is an error, no more lines will be read and the InstanceRunner will stop.

Nick Collier